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Abruzzo History --

bulletClick here for a  brief but concise history of Abruzzo by Grace Olivo graceo@earthlink.net.  


bulletClick here to read an english translation of the history of Abruzzo written originally for an Italian audience, author unknown.



Click here to view the english translation of the first chapter of a scholarly treatment of the history of Abruzzo first published in 1903, currently being translated by Abruzzo2000.


Click here to read the 1843 travel diary of Edward Lear, a British gentleman who gives a history lesson along with his impressions of the region.

Calascio History --


The following article appeared in Volume VIII , No. 30 (1995) of D'Abruzzo.  

This is an elegantly written historical and romantic treatise about Calascio, and is the type of writing that loses a great deal of its beauty and meaning in translation.  We are fortunate to have the benefit of a beautiful translation compiled by Jackie Silvestri Capurro.  Native calascini who recognize the archaic terms and figurative speech are invited to send us their own suggestions for a more thorough translation.  Please read and enjoy.

Original Italian Version:  CALASCIO - Cuore di luce e magia di Pietra

English Translation: CALASCIO - Heart of Light and Enchantment of Stone

bulletPages 2-5 of a commemorative booklet issued in 1971.  This exerpt is a brief history and portrayal of Rocca Calascio written by Emidio DiCarlo and translated by Jackie Silvestri Capurro.

English Translation:  Calascio and its Fortress: A Timeless Story

bulletThe following is a scholarly article on the history of Calascio and Rocca Calascio, written by Silvio Germano for purposes of a travel brochure issued in the 1970's.  Paul Zelus and Alex Frasco combined to produce the translation.  There are many useful facts and figures in this article.

Original Italian Version: Calascio Oggi

English Translation:  Calascio Today