Angela Matarelli
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   Angela Matarelli was born in Rocca Calascio in 1888 to Nicola Matarelli and Carmela Antonacci.  Angela and her older sister Adelina each married Antonacci boys from Calascio.  Shortly after Nicola Antonacci and wife Angela settled in Toluca, Illinois, Nicola Matarelli and his wife Carmela joined the family there.  

    Grandpa Nick built and ran a newstand on the corner of 55th and Halsted Sts. in Chicago, from 1922 when he moved there with his daughter's family, until his death in 1930.  He loved reading the many foreign newspapers he sold, and was very instrumental in naming his grandchildren.

    Nicola's older step-brother, Pangrazio Matarelli, married his wife Carmela's sister, Julia Antonacci, and they settled in Peoria, Illinois where they raised a large family.  Family tradition holds that Nicola's and Pangrazio's other brothers and sisters remained in Italy. 

Submitted by Paul Zelus, in honor his mother Olga Antonacci Zelus, daughter of Angela Matarelli.

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